Various Diagraphs

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Here is a pdf of worksheets for various diagraphs. various diagraph pdf

Included are the following: ar, ea, ee or ea, short ow, long ow, o-e, ou, ph, ur and wh.


Diagraphs worksheets (Ch, Sh and Th)

Diagraph American Image

Here is a set of diagraph worksheets for Ch, Sh and Th.  I have made seperate pdfs for British and American English, because words such as chips and torch required different pictures.  I have also included two sets of almost identical worksheets in each pdf, some more guided for early writers and others to practice spelling for more confident writers.

* I have altered the files to fix the formatting issues.  Please download the new files if you downloaded the previous misaligned pdfs.

Diagraphs British Complete

Diagraphs American Complete


Football Sight Word Game

football sight word game

Below is a customisable word file with all you need to play the football sight word game.  You can also use this for phonics, arabic letters, numbers…anything you want to teach.

1. Print footballs (as many as you need) on card and write words in pen or pencil if you want to change the words frequently.
2.  Print footballs on card and also type and print out words in the matching circles on page 2 of the document.  Cut and stick the words onto the back of the footballs
3. Print footballs and laminate them.  Use dry erase (board) pens to write your words

You must stick a yellow card on the back of 2 footballs, and one red card on the back of another.

You will have….

2 footballs with yellow cards on back
1 football with a red card on the back
a number (as many as you like) with sight words written on the back

Place all the footballs face down so you can only see the football side.

Each player turns a football over, reads the word, if they say it correctly they can keep it.  If not they return it to its place.
If a player draws a yellow card, they must put 2 footballs back
If a player draws a red card, they must put all their footballs back
The player with the most footballs at the end, wins.

football sight words