Grade One Sight Words Worksheets

These are a very similar format to the primer sight word worksheets.

These cover the complete grade one sight word list.

Grade One Sight Words

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Comic Strip Writing Template

Comic Strip image

Here is a small set of comic strip writing templates.

Comic Strip Writing Templates

You can guide your child by providing a story outline for example:

Story 1

Story 2

Story 3

Box 1

Introduce character

Introduce character

Introduce character

Box 2

What is the problem?

What is the problem?

How is he/she feeling?

Box 3

Try to solve it

How does it get worse?


Box 4

Try again!

Who comes to help?

What happened next?

Box 5

How is it fixed?

How do they help?

How does she/he feel better?

Box 6

Happy ending!

Happy ending!

Happy ending!

Diagraphs worksheets (Ch, Sh and Th)

Diagraph American Image

Here is a set of diagraph worksheets for Ch, Sh and Th.  I have made seperate pdfs for British and American English, because words such as chips and torch required different pictures.  I have also included two sets of almost identical worksheets in each pdf, some more guided for early writers and others to practice spelling for more confident writers.

* I have altered the files to fix the formatting issues.  Please download the new files if you downloaded the previous misaligned pdfs.

Diagraphs British Complete

Diagraphs American Complete